Correlation: Dynamic data handling using Apache JMeter

In this article, We will talk about how to handle dynamic data in JMeter which is  basically Correlation. Correlation is the important aspect of scripting. Proper handling of dynamic data results in building effective test scripts.

What is Correlation and why is it required ?

Correlation is an act of fetching dynamic data from preceding requests/calls and posting it to the subsequent requests/calls. Lets envision an example to find out why we need correlation. Suppose we have recorded a scenario in which user does the following transactions

  • User enters login details and click submit button,
  • Home page opens and user take further actions,
  • And then Logs out of the system.

Soon after recording if you try to run the script, it may even fail for a single user. This might be because of numerous reasons, lets assume that one of the reason might be authentication mechanism implemented. When a user logged into the system, a unique session is created for user and it will be active until the user logs out of the system. Lets imagine, a unique tokenId is dynamically generated up on user login and is passed to the subsequent requests to validate the user actions. So, one cannot just record and playback the requests having these tokenId’s which are unique for every user sessions. Here, we need to correlate the web requests with the dynamic variables (tokenId). And for correlation, we need to use the “Regular Expression Extractor” which makes use of regular expressions or most commonly known as RegEx.

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